Rock Climbing

Langdale is the birth place of rock climbing and for its spectacular and extreme images it is not as hard to have a go as it may look. The numbers of people having a go has rocketed since the release of Free Solo and here’s some inspiration for you to get to Langdale and maybe even give it a go.


For decades The Langdale Valley has been the hub of traditional climbing in the English Lake District with over 850 climbs of varying difficulty to choose from, a sunny day out on the crags can be the perfect way to experience the rich history as well as some of the most breath taking views the Lake District has to offer.

Many of the climbs and scrambles in the Langdale valley can be accessed in less than 30 minutes’ walk to the start of the climb and each crag has multiple routes to the top suiting all levels of climber.

There's local legends such as Dave Birkett and Leo Holding have devoted their entire lives to putting up new routes around the Lake District, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the climbing world, with many of their routes in Langdale unrepeated due to their exposure and technical difficulty. Of course, we're not going to suggest for a moment that you start trying to break these records, but that's the great thing about climbing in Langdale valley; there's something for everyone!

There are many one-on-one personal tutors as well as group instructors available locally who can ease you in gently to these activities. A couple of our favourites are Climb 365 and Total Adventure who are perfect to get out with whether you're just a beginner or even fancy yourself a bit of a Sylvester Stallone! Of course, safety is paramount, and we only advise climbing or scrambling with an experienced guide or friend. Whenever you go into the hills be well prepared and know how to read a map and know your limits

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