Mountain Biking

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If you haven’t yet tried exploring the Langdale Valley and Lake District you will be in for a treat. There are many trails from flat gravel to steep and rocky and everything in between. Mountain biking is one of the very best ways to enjoy the landscape and views, and at the same time keep healthy and seek out new places and experiences.

From Langdale the flat gravel track goes in both directions along the valley where a short ride can take you to refreshment in no time at all (Pictures. Chester’s / Sticklebarn / NDG). A little further and with only small hills Ambleside Hawkshead and Grasmere are all easily reached and each offers a wide range of relaxation and refreshment opportunities. Bowness via Wray Castle is a little further but well worth the effort.

If you already have the biking bug or are just trying it out some steeper stuff may well be on the agenda in no time and the area around Langdale has more trails to choose from than you realise. Biking trails are not always marked as such so keep an eye out for the Bridleway signs and stick to them rather than footpaths. Grizedale can be a good place to start with specific trails for bikes and can extend to both Coniston and Hawkshead with minimal extra effort. Claife Heights has a selection of wonderful beginner and intermediate level trails and is a very popular place as well as convenient and blessed with wonderfully varied terrain.

Once you have got the bug you will find many miles of more challenging trails and terrain throughout the Lake District., many starting and finishing at Langdale. You don’t have to be an expert or know the trails like a local to have a great time. Guided Mountain bike Breaks are available at Langdale.

You cant truly enjoy the trails without some decent kit whether it be a fancy bike or some comfortable clothing and of course you should never go out without a helmet. The very best place to get yourself kitted out with anything you may need is with our good friends at Biketreks. Don’t forget they do mail order too.

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